Dimitrios Kosmidis Drum Lessons
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Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced Styles: jazz, pop, rock, funk, latin, fusion coaching entrance exams conservatory

Our services
Individual lesson One-on-one teaching, with a personalized learning aproach, taylored to achieve the personal goals of each student. The duration of each lesson can vary: 30' or 60' min. on a weekly base, or 60' min every two weeks.
Skype Lessons
I offer Skype lessons so that you can have a lesson from the comfort of your own home. Skype lessons are simple and effective! All you need is a phone with internet connection, an (electric) drumset or a practice pad.
Coaching session
If you are stuck on a particular technique, need some help with reading, transcribing or you're looking for new motivation, feel free to contact me for a coaching session!
Kosmidis Dimitrios
Band coaching
Meant for band and groups. Musicians will be coached to develop their role within a band / musical ensamble. The band will be guided and coached to develop how to "play together", improve their presentation, and be better prepared for up-coming performances.
Purchase 10 lessons- get 1 free! If you purchase a package of 10 lessons, you will get the 11th lesson free of charge.
Kosmidis Dimitrios
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Bring a Friend

If you refer a friend for a trial lesson, you will get 5 euros off of your next lesson! Even better, if the friend signs-up for more lessons, you will get 2 lessons of 30 minutes for free!
Kosmos Drumschool is known for its interactive approach to music education. Students learn both by doing, and by understanding the theory behind what they are learning. This leads students to learn faster and apply their skills easily to new situations.  Dimitrios' student led technique also makes virtual lessons a great alternative to in-studio learning. During potential covid restrictions, this means less loss of skills and techniques.

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